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Welcome to the Cat House! A little place we put together where anyone can come and rag chew about my favorite topics, living with and rescuing cats, amateur radio, or, anything else of interest. You will find the connection info below… Janette, KI5SSR.

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about Janette

Amateur Radio and cats

My name is Janette, and I live in North Texas. I was born in Oxford, England, but came to the fabulous USA shortly after, the result of being an Air Force brat. I married my best friend, Mike, and we both got into amateur radio late in life, sometime around 2020, so we are still learning.
My call sign, KI5SSR, is my original call sign. I decided to keep it because it fits my personality and is easy to remember. You may have heard me on a few nets, and that is because I have been fortunate enough to be invited to do some net controlling off and on, and I really enjoy it.
I spend most of my time on digital modes, but I’m trying to spend a little more time on HF. That is where Mike primarily operates, and his call sign is KM5Y. Be sure and say hello if you hear him on HF.
We love cats, if you haven’t figured that out yet, and have rescued cats for many years. We have a lot of experience that we can share with others, but we don’t know it all (DISCLAIMER!!!) We hope that we can learn from you as well.
My conference server, 11CATS, is an open forum to discuss pretty much anything, so we built this website to list our experiences and some great resources that we can share, and we invite all to share your experiences and resources as well.

Ways to connect

Echolink Conference – *11CATS* (186343)
Echolink Conference- *11CATS2*(210595)

Allstar – 55763, 56053

IRLP 0107, 0112

11CATS Live Feed

No Allstarlink node?

FYI, you can register for an account at Allstarlink.org and use RepeaterPhone (IOS), DVSwitch (Android), IAXRPT (Windows) or Transceive (Mac), all free or almost free options to connect to 55763.

Building your own node? Check out Jim’s, KF5LBT Allstar Handbook, and the IRLP node programming handbook. Everything you need to know about progamming an Allstar, or an IRLP node.

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