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***Bonus*** July 12, 2024 Happy Hour Net Question Preview…


***The TnT Net***

Announcing a  brand new net exclusively on the 11CATS network.

The TnT Net, Thoughts and Theories, starts every Satuday and 7PM EST. Join Pat, WE2A and others for a roundtable discussion on all things unknown, un-proven, and other topics that make us wonder. Pat is a wealth of knowledge, and we a very excited to host his new net.

***July 20, 2024***

Surprise Topic

Hosted by Pat, WE2A
Echolink Conf. *11CATS*, *11CATS2*, IRLP 0107, 0112,  and Allstar 55763, 56053

***The Brand New 11CATS Happy Hour Net***

Friday Nights at 6PM CST

Get your ragchew on and join us for all of the exitement and fun on the all new 11CATS Happy Hour Net. A new, light hearted net, with a variety of net controllers every Friday evening at 6PM CST. What better way to spend a Friday night than getting on the radio and meeting people from all over the world!!!
Echolink Conf. *11CATS*, *11CATS2*, IRLP 0107, 0112, and Allstar 55763, 56053


***The AFC Net has returned to 11CATS!!!***

Amateurs for Christ Net

Every Sunday Afternoon, 3PM CST

Join N9ZIV, and K6KJV, Rev Kev, for the return of the Amateurs For Christ Net right here on the *11CATS* Network every Sunday at 3PM CST. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!!
Echolink Conf. *11CATS*, *11CATS2*, IRLP 0107, 0112, and Allstar 55763, 56053

Check out The 11CATS Live Feed…24/7

The Absolute Tech Net

Absolute Tech is a technology net for ham radio operators and others that covers a broad spectrum of technology. All tech related topics are always open for discussion. So if you’re excited about something tech related, bring it on, we want to hear about it. Feel free to make comments under the direction of the host to give the net a feeling of collaboration without chaos. Right here on The *11CATS* Network, or
Echolink Conf. *Fireside*, and Allstar 52879, 52782.



Here is a list of my FAVORITE Nets…

*Digital Nets…*

The Alaska Morning Net

A huge net for hams all over the world, each and everyday at 1PM EST. I am the net controller on every 3rd Saturday of the month, and sub on other days when needed. Connection Info.:

*ALASKA* Conference Server

Allstarlink: 29332


Linux, Raspberry Pi, VHF, UHF, and HF radios and antennas, computer issues, and ALL THINGS TECH!!! Bring your projects or issues here, and find subject matter experts that can help. Check out their website for answers as well.

The Our Coffee Shop Net

Our Coffee Shop is an EchoLink conference server, and a great group of hams that meet regularly to enjoy each other’s company and share the events of the day, each day at 9AM EST, and again at 7PM EST.

You can find us on Echolink conference server *K6FN*, node 426824

Membership in Our Coffee Shop is free to licensed Amateur Radio Operators and honorary membership is offered to their spouses. Some of whom will often participate in our regularly scheduled nets. A special Thanks to net controller Dale, KC7YFE for sharing the net Info.

The motto in Our Coffee Shop is:

 “Where everybody is somebody.”

The IRN KB1 Multinode Net

Join Graham and Helen, GM0UUB, andMM7HQS (Helen, Queen of Scotland), for this excellent International net every Friday evening at 4PM EST. Connection info…right here on the *11CATS* Network, and

 Zello – ZMR 851.900 and KB1 Channel
Allstar – Node 552360
 Echolink – KC1MUV-L, node number 663242
DMR (TGIF) – Talkgroup 31320
 IRN DMR Master Server on PiStar – FD_US_IRN – Talk Group 31320 for IRN (slots 1 & 2)
Yaesu YSF Reflector – YSF31320 – USIRN
The Peanut (by PA7LIM) – TGF31320 – KC1MUV
Hamshack Hotline – 94136

The Worldwide Friendship Net

What a great place to meet people and make new friends!!! This friendly net starts each Morning at 10 AM EST., 7 days a week. Please come join us, everyone’s invited…

The Texoma Repeater Group

Ragchew and Morning Prayer…A Great bunch in the North Texas Area, and a morning prayer each day around 645 AM CST., set up by my friend and digital/analog expert Fred, W5MGM, usually monitored by Jim, KF5LBT, Tim, KB5SSQ, and others. Great technical support can be found here as well. To Connect:

Allstarlink: 45523

Echolink: W5MGM-R

IRLP: 0085

UHF AL7HH Repeater, Irving, TX: 444.800 PL 110.9


*YL Nets for the Ladies*

The ROAR XYL Net (Republic of Avalon Radio)

Don’t miss this one! Hosted by our wonderful friend, and webmaster Lillian, VO1XYL, this awesome Ladies net starts every Saturday, at 2PM EST. Unique in many ways, you will find this one on Zello, so no Amateur Radio License required! Tell all your friends…

ROAR Zello Channel

(click here) to find out how to get it

The TAG YL Net

This is my favorite LADIES net, hosted by my great friend Terri, N9ZEN, every Monday evening at 8PM EST. Connection Info:

Echolink: *SELINK*,  and *GEORGIA* Conference Servers

Allstarlink: 46331


HF Nets…

The Texas Traffic Net

Twice daily (Mon. thru Sat.) traffic net, please feel free to check in, traffic or not. This net operates on 40 meters in the mornings, and 75 meters in the evening to accommodate propagation.

In the event of an emergency event, such as tropical storms/hurricanes the net may be activated. All amateur operators with a General Class or higher ham license are welcomed to check into the net.

7.285 kHz 8:30-9:30 AM CST

3.873 (Alternate 3.877) kHz 6:30-7:30 PM  CST